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Why the Need for Branding?


Every business will benefit from developing a brand & Marketing strategy to enhance business competitiveness and to identify its unique proposition in order to differentiate from its competitors. A well-executed brand & Marketing strategy can help your business grow market share, increase market confidence, elevate brand value, as well as to build and retain customer loyalty.


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Our Branding Process


  1. Conduct a Brand Audit on the current brand environment, the tangibles and the intangibles. The Consultant will evaluate and present preliminary (internal) market research and competitors’ landscapes. These results will then be consolidated to provide the impetus for Brand Visioning. With such, the Client will also gain a better understanding how their brand is performing in the current environment
  2. Develop a brand strategy and roadmap with a defined brand DNA through a Brand Visioning and Brand Definition exercises, wherein the Consultant guides shareholders / stakeholders with proprietary analytical tools to map out their ideas, aspirations and directions for the brand: (1) vision & mission (2) brand essence (3) brand values (4) brand positioning (5) brand promise etc
  3. Develop a visual Brand Expression system to align all customer touch-points and reinforce the proposed brand strategy
  4. Conduct Brand Advisory to educate the Client on brand applicability, compliancy and stewardship, to ensure strong brand salience in the long term


Why the need to develop a marketing strategy?


With a defined brand blueprint in place, a well-devised marketing strategy is essential in understanding your targeted market segmentation, providing clarity and direction to your marketing efforts and enhancing the effectiveness in reaching out to your target customers. This will potentially result in better customer acquisition and retention rates.


Our Marketing Process


  1. Conduct a preliminary market research and situation analysis
  2. Identify business and marketing objectives
  3. Define ideal market(s) and market positioning in competitive market-spaces
  4. Develop a marketing strategy with creative approach
  5. Plan an implementation roadmap to achieve marketing objectives


What Tigard can do for you?


We have a team of experience and professional brand specialist who will be able to work with you end to end from research to conceptualization to execution and actualization.

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